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by James Alexander

The important benefits of strength training for endurance runners have been well documented in numerous research publications.1,2,3,4 Resistance training is now considered a critical component to a well planned training program for runners of all levels. The key benefits runners can obtain from a strength-training program include: Faster running performance Improved running economy Reduced risk…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

A great re-addition to the Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre- Dr Adam Semciw After finishing his PhD in 2013 at La Trobe University titled: Hip Abductor muscle structure and function in swimmers: an investigation into deloading, Dr Semciw joined the University of Queensland as a Research Fellow in Physiotherapy (2015). There he continued his…read more

by Jo Monahan

Part 2 of this blog continues on with the summary of @STSkou’s paper related to exercise and physical activity for osteoarthritis. Just as other pain killers, exercise therapy needs to be taken at a sufficient dose and duration to ensure an optimal and clinically-relevant effect on pain and functional limitations. There is no universal exercise therapy program…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

In the world of publications, researchers understand the difficult task of publishing in peer reviewed journals. Manuscripts which are accepted often require several revisions and may take up to a year to get published. It can be an arduous task keeping on top of papers and delegating tasks among co-authors. It is with this in…read more

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

It was a pleasure to travel to Perth last weekend. It was a busy weekend, presenting at an evening seminar, the state conference and also on a GLA:D Australia course with my friends at Curtin University. As promised, my slides from the APA presentations are published below If you are interested in the running symposium…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

          Rich Willy, PT, PhD Assistant Professor School of Physical Therapy and Movement Science Missoula, Montana, USA Photo credits: Jackie Merritt   Although research has shown resistance training has a multitude of health benefits and reduces risk of overuse injury in athletes by about 50%, many runners skip the weight room…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

Recently Dr Joanne Kemp presented her talk on the ‘management of hip pain and osteoarthritis‘ at the 2018 Australian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting. There was an array of both local and international speakers who presented on many aspects of Rheumatology research and clinical practice. From Dr Kemp’s presentation, it is evident that conservative exercise treatment can…read more