Matthew King

Matt King ProfileProfessional Journey

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University.
  • Honours degree in recreational participation of children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Physiotherapist and professional development manager at Symmetry Physio and Sports Medicine, Hoppers Crossing.
  • Exercise rehabilitation as well as clinical anatomy & neuroscience tutor for the school of physio at La Trobe University.
  • Sporting experience: Hoppers Crossing Warriors and Footscray Rugby Union Club.

Top 5 Fun Facts 

  • Grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, yes I survived.
  • Can solve a rubix cube, and make balloon animals (sorry I’m not available for kids parties).
  • Pets: house trained rabbit, Sir Lancelot, and a dog named Hadley.
  • Party trick: rolling fry pans up with my hands.
  • Terrified of heights

Professional Goals 

  • Finish PhD and become a specialist in the field of hip pathology, rehab and diagnosis
  • Support in the professional development of recent graduate clinicians and advocate for easily accessible professional development material for clinicians

Follow my research and clinical journey on Twitter @mattgmking1 I will be posting monthly blogs on various topics in the realm of FAI and Hip Osteoarthritis – prevention, surgery, rehabilitation and outcome via the La Trobe Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre blog