Activity and wearable devices

Are you aged between 18-50 years old?

Have you ever wondered how accurate activity monitors are?

Are you interested in participating in a research study to help us find out?

We are currently undertaking research into physical activity and assessing if this can be monitored effectively with consumer wearable devices such as the such as the Fitbit Flex™ (FBF). The main aim of this study is assess how accurate and reproducible the data gained from a selection of wearable devices is across a range of activities. This data will be used to inform decisions on the use of these trackers in further studies monitoring the effects of injury upon physical activity.


What will you be asked to do?

We are interested in how these devices perform in everyday living. You will be asked to wear the devices for 14 consecutive days during waking hours for all activities other than water-based activities (such as swimming and bathing) and contact sports. You will be emailed a short activity log to complete at the end of each day to record times when you were unable to wear the devices and any sport activity undertaken.


If you feel that you are eligible and would like to know more, please contact Denise Jones


Telephone: 0457311203

Chief Investigator: Kay Crossley (; 03 94793902)

Ethics approval number: HEC16-082

Researchers: Professor Kay Crossley; Dr Joanne Kemp; Dr Ben Dascombe; Dr Harvi Hart Denise Jones