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by Josh Heerey

Josh Heerey, Physiotherapist and PhD candidate at LASEM discusses the development of FAI morphology and the implications for long term hip joint health with Dr Rintje Agricola     The development of Cam-type deformity in adolescent and young male soccer players. A cam deformity is gradually acquired during skeletal maturation in adolescent and young male…read more

by Brooke Patterson

We know that development of osteoarthritis (OA) after ACL reconstruction occurs in over 50% of patients. The question is, should we inform our patients of this, and if so how should we go about this. Anecdotally, consensus is that this can be a tricky conversation, and something that may be avoided by some therapists due…read more

by Josh Heerey

Josh Heerey, Physiotherapist and PhD candidate at LASEM discusses current trends in research and evidence based assessment of the hip with Dr Joanne Kemp   References Is quality of life following hip arthroscopy in patients with chondrolabral pathology associated with impairments in hip strength or range of motion?  Hip chondropathy at arthroscopy: prevalence and relationship to…read more

by Josh Heerey

Patients presenting with hip and groin pain are a diagnostic challenge for the sports medicine practitioner. Correct diagnosis is difficult due to close proximity of joint, tendon, ligament and neural tissue.  In addition, there is the potential for remote musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal structures to refer into the area. Two of best articles I have read…read more

by Prasanna Sritharan

1. Estimation of musculotendon parameters for scaled and subject-specific musculoskeletal models using an optimisation technique. (Modenese et al. 2016) Why I like it: Attempts to address two of the most challenging aspect of developing subject-specific musculoskeletal models which implement Hill-type muscle models: quantification of optimal fibre length and tendon slack length for each muscle in the model. Take…read more