Brooke Howells

Brooke HowellsProfessional Journey

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University
  • Honours degree (ACLR outcomes) including reconstruction of my own ACL
  • Epworth Hospital two year graduate program
  • Physiotherapist at Bounce Health Group, Blackburn
  • Range of amateur to elite sporting experience – Melbourne City Football Club, Blackburn Football Club, Basketball Victoria u16 State Teams, Victorian Cyclones mixed netball state team.

Top 5 Fun Facts

  • Born and bred two – headed Tasmanian, from a small town called Tullah, in the rugged west coast.
  • Eight broken arms from age 7 – 16…possibly leading to an interest in injuries….
  • State level basketball player, recently switched to Aussie rules
  • Favourite food: pickled onions
  • Physiotherapist for Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Professional Goals 

  • Complete PhD – become specialist in the ACL field – academically and clinically
  • Translation of research into clinical practice, in particular improving outcomes following ACLR, late stage rehabilitation and return to sport evidence based criteria.

Follow my research and clinical journey on Twitter @BrookeHowellsI will be posting monthly blogs on various topics in the realm of ACL injury – prevention, surgery, rehabilitation and outcome via the La Trobe Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre blog