Calf Muscle Strain Injuries in Sport

Description/background: Calf muscle strain injuries (CMSI) are one of the most prevalent soft tissue injuries in elite sport, and are prone to re-injury. From this perspective it is surprising how little is known regarding injury epidemiology, predictors of prognosis, risk factors for injury and re-injury, as well as best practice in the assessment and management of injury. Our projects aim to investigate these key areas, examining current evidence, injury data from the Soft Tissue injury Registry of the Australian Football League, and integrating expert opinion into practical recommendations for the assessment and management of CMSI in sport. These projects form the basis of Mr Brady Green’s PhD candidature at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre.


Project aims:

(1) Investigate risk factors for CMSI based on the available evidence.

(2) Evaluate the epidemiology of CMSI in elite Australian Football players to identify important injury characteristics and factors potentially associated with recovery and re-injury outcomes.

(3) Determine whether baseline clinical factors and index injury MRI characteristics are predictive of recovery and re-injury risk following CMSI in elite Australian Football players.

(4) Establish current practice in the assessment and management of CMSI in elite sport.

(5) Develop recommendations for injury prevention and rehabilitation of CMSI.

Chief investigators: Dr Tania Pizzari and Dr Jodie McClelland

Other researchers involved: Brady Green (PhD Candidate), Dr Adam Semciw, Dr Anthony Schache, Professor Jill Cook.

Ethics No.: HEC – 18060, HEC13-05