Good life with Arthritis from Denmark: Reducing the IMPACT of osteoarthritis for Australians

Prof Kay Crossley, Dr Joanne Kemp, Dr Christian Barton


Knee arthritis is one of the most common sources of pain, reduced function and loss of productivity in Australia, resulting in considerable costs to the individual, community and society. A conservative estimate puts the national cost of arthritis at $25 Billion.

Knee arthritis can be effectively treated with supervised exercise-therapy. More than 50 clinical trials and systematic reviews have demonstrated the efficacy of this approach, which is now recommended to treat the symptoms of knee arthritis in every clinical guideline worldwide. Providing exercise therapy and education for knee arthritis is evidence-based , and recommended in clinical guidelines for best practice worldwide. However, despite the benefits of this approach to improving symptoms and function of knee arthritis sufferers, these guidelines are not adhered to.

We propose to implement GLA:D (Good Life with Osteoarthritis from Denmark), an evidence–based treatment for arthritis, in Australia. Our market research indicates that it is likely to be feasible in the Australian public and private setting. If successful, this program will be the first implementation program of its kind, with potential to reduce the considerable burden of arthritis for many Australians.


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