Hamstring and Adductor Myotendinous Injury Risk Factors in Basketball

The HAMI Study

Investigating Hamstring and Adductor Myotendinous Injury Risk Factors in Basketball


Hamstring and adductor injuries are the two leading myotendinous injuries in basketball athletes. Commonly occurring whilst rapidly accelerating and decelerating during running, these injuries often re-occur despite players having access to sports science and medicine support services. Therefore, unique approaches are warranted that progress our understanding of local (tissue level) and central (spinal/brain level) risk factors for injury and recurrence, and the effect of fatigue on these risk factors in the unique high-loading basketball environment.


This research project will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to explore the 3D biomechanics of running (Study 1), and motor drive from the brain and sensory processing (Study 2) in previously injured and uninjured players. This will provide a comprehensive investigation of factors that influence the risk of injury and re-injury. Key questions this research aligns with: What are the risk factors associated with an initial injury? What are the risk factors for re-injury?


Staff  involved: Dr Suzi Edwards, Dr Tania Pizzari, Dr James Welsh, Assoc Prof Suzanne Snodgrass, Mr Michael Drew, Dr Ebonie Rio, Assoc Prof Nicholas O’Dwyer, Mr Adrian Schultz, Mr Luke Donnan