Improving knowledge translation and treatment of people with plantar heel pain: development of a user informed online resource


This project will explore the experiences and educational needs of people with Plantar Heel Pain (PHP) to understand what people are hoping to achieve when they consult podiatrists and other clinicians about this disorder. This information will be used to guide the development of a freely available, patient centered, evidence-based online resource.



This proposal comprises two studies:

  1. A qualitative study

Using interviews, we will explore the perceptions and experiences of people with PHP, as well as ideas on the content, design, graphical interface and look and feel of an educational online resource for people with PHP. Fifteen people (Victorians) with PHP will be invited to participate and will be recruited from a range of sources including (i) private practices (ii) community health centres and (iii) social media.


  1. Development and construction of an online resource for people with PHP

The findings of the qualitative study will be used to guide the development of a freely accessible online resource, which will provide education for people with PHP, and a useful tool for clinicians treating PHP. User needs identified from patient interviews will be supplemented with best available evidence from Clinical Practice Guidelines, developed through systematic reviews and expert opinion.

The content of the online resource will include text, audio, images and video resources. Education leaflets will also be created, and made available to the consumer. During the development of the resource, and prior to its release, a group of participants from the qualitative study will be invited to evaluate and provide feedback on the graphical interface, functionality and content of the online resource.


Staff involved: Dr Matt Cotchett, Dr Christian Barton, A/Prof Michael Rathleff, A/Prof Karl Landorf