Lower Limb Biomechanics in Soccer

Different sport ballsWe are currently completing research into the biomechanics and strength of the lower limbs and how they may contribute to the development of progression of different musculoskeletal conditions

The study aims to:

  1. To investigate and develop a data base of information of biomechanics, strength and range of motion of the lower limb, in adult soccer players with no pathology.
  2. To investigate the similarities and differences of the biomechanics of adults with known lower limb pathology (such as hip or knee arthritis) to healthy controls.

The information obtained in this study may be used to develop treatment strategies for lower limb pathologies

To be eligible to participate, you need to be:

What will you be asked to do:

If you feel you are eligible to take part please contact:

Matt King



Chief Investigator: Prof. Kay Crossley Email: k.crossley@latrobe.edu.au

HEC approval number: 16-045

Researchers: Professor Kay Crossley, Professor Hylyon Menz, Dr Adam Semciw, Dr Joanne Kemp, Dr Anthony Schache, Dr Harvi Hart, Dr Ebonie Rio, Dr Sean Docking, Dr Tania Pizzari, Dr Kane Middleton, Josh Heerey, Denise Jones, Peter Lawrenson, Kate Croft, Jade Tan, Brooke Howells