ACL - June 1, 2018
Crossley off to a winning start

In the world of publications, researchers understand the difficult task of publishing in peer reviewed journals. Manuscripts which are accepted often require several revisions and may take up to a year to get published. It can be an arduous task keeping on top of papers and delegating tasks among co-authors. It is with this in mind the great feat of Professor Kay Crossley, director of La Trobe Sports and Exercise Medicine research Centre (LASEM), who this year alone has published 22 papers (as per Scopus June 1st 2018). With a publication list over 200 and an H-index of 62, Professor Crossley’s latest papers feature a range of topics related to hip, groin and knee pain. Pictured below are 3 key papers (click the picture for a link to the paper) and a summary table of Professor Crossley’s latest papers.

Well done Professor Crossley!



References of the 22 articles:


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