Dance - May 27, 2020
A joint effort: Understanding what is good for your joints

Many factors impact the health of our joints over our lives, and some people will develop joint pain and conditions like osteoarthritis. Our next online Bold Thinking event investigates the question: what are the most effective ways to improve joint health and prevent joint diseases?

La Trobe University’s collaboration with The Australian Ballet has been combining expertise in sports medicine and dance to deliver world-first research findings on joint management and treatment.

Join renowned sports medicine researcher Professor Jill Cook as she showcases this cutting-edge research, along with Dr Sue Mayes, the Director of Artistic Health at The Australian Ballet, and Professor Kay Crossley, the Director of La Trobe’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre.

The panel will explore traditional and emerging options for diagnosing joint issues, managing joint pain and protecting joint health.

Online Event Details:

Thursday 25 June 2020

6.00 pm – 7.15 pm

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