La Trobe Heel Pain Imaging Study

Plantar heel pain (PHP) is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders of the foot, affecting 4-7% of the adult population at any time. However, the exact tissues that are involved with PHP are poorly understood, which has implications for the treatment of the condition. For example, it is frequently thought that the plantar fascia alone is involved (known as plantar fasciitis), but more recent studies suggest that other tissues (e.g. nerves and bone) may contribute to the condition. This cross-sectional observational study aims to investigate the medical imaging findings of participants with and without PHP. Medical images will be obtained using x-rays, ultrasound (including Doppler ultrasound for vascularity and sonoelastography) and MRI scans to examine if there are differences between those with and without PHP. In addition, the study will also investigate other variables (such as symptoms, participant characteristics, health status, footwear and activities). This study will contribute to our understanding of the causes of PHP, which ultimately may assist in treatment selection and prevention of the condition.

Staff: A/Prof Karl B Landorf, Dr Shannon E Munteanu, Prof Hylton B Menz