Hip - July 19, 2017
To scope or not to scope – the new hip question

Hip arthroscopy versus sham surgery for patients with impingement or labral tears: A randomised, controlled trial and longitudinal cohort study (HIPARTI)

Prof Kay Crossley, Dr Joanne Kemp


Hip arthroscopy is a relatively new procedure and technically more demanding than arthroscopy of the other joints (shoulder, knee, ankle wrist). The number of hip arthroscopies has risen sharply from the introduction in the 1990s and has become more frequent since the mid-nineties. Currently research in its effectiveness relies heavily on case series study designs.


Therefore the primary aim of this study is to determine the efficacy of hip arthroscopic surgery compared to a sham surgery (diagnostic arthroscopy only) for patients with symptomatic and radiological findings related to impingement (FAI) and/or labral tears using a randomized controlled design.


Check out the study protocol here


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