Sensory processing in people with Achilles tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy commonly affects people across the lifespan and is seen in both active populations (such as runners), as well as more sedentary people. Exercise based rehabilitation is the most common treatment for tendon conditions, however despite its effectiveness some cases are still recalcitrant to treatment. Many factors such as the pathology, structure and function of the tendon have been researcher, however less has been investigated around the pain and sensory processing mechanisms in people with Achilles tendinopathy.

This study aims to compare sensory processing in people with Achilles tendinopathy compared to healthy controls. This study is in collaboration with researchers from the University of Notre Dame in Western Australia, and will involve data collection across 2 sites. La Trobe University will be involved in collection of Conditioned Pain Modulation data.

Inclusion criteria: People with Achilles tendon pain OR healthy controls

Chief Investigator: Ebonie Rio, Sean Docking, Myles Murphy (U of Notre Dame), Will Gibson (U of Notre Dame), James Debenham (U of Notre Dame), Merv Travers (Curtin)

Ethics Approval: 017067F (University of Notre Dame)