Pain in tendinopathy: What ion channels are expressed by tenocytes?

There is a poor understanding of the source of pain in tendinopathy. Emerging research has shown the importance of cellular mechanisms in this condition.

The aim of this study is to investigate the tendon cell structures, particularly the ion channels that control movement of substances in and out of the cell. These channels can influence the makeup of the tendon and may hold key information on differences between normal and pathological tendons.

Samples of tendon tissue will be taken from ligament reconstruction surgeries/tendon surgeries and analysed to determine possible mechanisms of pain in tendinopathy. Prior to surgery, participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their general wellbeing and standard anthropometric measures will be collected. Tendon tissue that would normally be discarded after surgery will also be collected for analysis.

Overall this study aims to improve our understanding of pathological tendon cell structures which may inform future treatment directions.


Staff involved: Ebonie Rio, Glenn King, Linlin Ma, Sean Docking, Craig Purdam, Tom Samiric, Jamie Gaida