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by Jo Monahan

Part 2 of this blog continues on with the summary of @STSkou’s paper related to exercise and physical activity for osteoarthritis. Just as other pain killers, exercise therapy needs to be taken at a sufficient dose and duration to ensure an optimal and clinically-relevant effect on pain and functional limitations. There is no universal exercise therapy program…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

In the world of publications, researchers understand the difficult task of publishing in peer reviewed journals. Manuscripts which are accepted often require several revisions and may take up to a year to get published. It can be an arduous task keeping on top of papers and delegating tasks among co-authors. It is with this in…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

Recently Dr Joanne Kemp presented her talk on the ‘management of hip pain and osteoarthritis‘ at the 2018 Australian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting. There was an array of both local and international speakers who presented on many aspects of Rheumatology research and clinical practice. From Dr Kemp’s presentation, it is evident that conservative exercise treatment can…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

February’s staff publications featured research on: Patellofemoral knee pain. This included exploring contributing factors such as altered hip rate of force development and strength, foot mobility differences, and pelvic and hip kinematics in patellofemoral joint arthritis. Hamstrings. Muscle imaging techniques were explored through functional MRI and injury prevention strengthening exercises were discussed within an evidence-based…read more

by Liam West

July 2017 Publications from LASEM Staff   Delaney JA, Thornton HR, Burgess DJ, Dascombe BJ, Duthie GM. Duration-specific running intensities of Australian Football match-play. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2017;20(7):689-94. Dowman LM, McDonald CF, Bozinovski S, Vlahos R, Gillies R, Pouniotis D, et al. Greater endurance capacity and improved dyspnoea with acute oxygen…read more

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

Dr Jo Kemp has been awarded an early career researcher NHMRC fellowship, involving funding of $255,014. Her research aims to evaluate the effects of physiotherapy on treating people with hip and groin pain, including FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement). Jo will work closely with Professor Kay Crossley at the La Trobe’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre.   Jo Kemp discusses…read more

by Josh Heerey

Josh Heerey, Physiotherapist and PhD candidate at LASEM discusses the development of FAI morphology and the implications for long term hip joint health with Dr Rintje Agricola     The development of Cam-type deformity in adolescent and young male soccer players. A cam deformity is gradually acquired during skeletal maturation in adolescent and young male…read more