Hip pain in young active adults: Where are we now?
LaTrobe Sports and Exercise Medicine (LASEM) Research Centre recently held a lecture night with presentations from leading experts discussing hip pain in young adults. Below are the links for the night’s presentations (click on the image of the presentations).
Interesting discussion points to come out of the presentations included:
  • Understanding relationships of joint ROMS to moment arms in various hip postures
  • Muscle characteristics of iliocapsularis in hip dysplasia
  • Understanding the importance of ensuring adequate time to implement exercise/active therapy (must be >3 months) in femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).
International guest speaker Assoc. Prof Cara Lewis started the presentations with her talk on: Biomechanics and Hip painĀ 
Next up Dr Adam Semciw (LASEM) discussed: Hip pain and muscle function
To finish off Dr Joanne Kemp (LASEM) cleverly summarised the current research evidence on: What are the treatment options for hip pain in young adults.
Thank you to all the speakers for such an informative night!