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Dr. Peter Brunker, a member of LASEM, recently spoke with with Rafael Epstein on ABC’s Drive program about watching the moment unfold live on television. Peter Brukner is a former doctor with the Australian Cricket Team and Liverpool Football Club. Listen to the interview here.


Dr Peter Brukner was Cricket Australia’s chief medico when Phillip Hughes was fatally struck by a bouncer in 2014. Dr Brukner says he is amazed that even some batsmen who were on the field that day still refused to wear neck guards on their helmets. Read the full story here.


Recently, some of the LASEM team featured in these videos on Digital Health. There’s a short version (30 seconds) and a longer one (nearly 3 minutes) and they feature Dr Anthea Clarke, Dr Ebonie Rio, Dr Sean Docking, Dr Andrew Shaefer and Ketha Ledchumanasarma.

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

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by Meg Hawke

Blog by: Dr Andrew Schaefer, La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre   Whether it’s during the Cricket World Cup or an Australian summer, you will more than likely hear of a fast bowler suffering from lower back injury. Fast bowlers young and old know the pain of attempting to bowl a 156g ball…read more

by Meg Hawke

Hot off the press! Our 2018 Annual Report covers research highlights, impact, fellowships, awards, exciting partnerships, the work of our tireless Post Docs and PhD students, and of course words from our wonderful Director, Professor Kay Crossley. Have a look to see the great things that LASEM achieved in 2018! Annual Report Designer: Ben Pawson…read more

by Christian Bonello

La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre Researcher Christian Bonello sat down with Dr Sean Docking to discuss the recent article published in Musculoskeletal Science and Practice: Identification and differentiation of gluteus medius tendon pathology using ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging ( For the full 8minute podcast please view Below is an infographic summary…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

On offer is a Doctoral research scholarship to undertake research aimed at improving outcomes following knee injury and reconstruction. This prestigious scholarship, established by La Trobe University, will be awarded to an outstanding applicant who is interested in exploring the effect of exercise-therapy on optimising knee symptoms and quality of life and preventing osteoarthritis after…read more

by Meg Hawke

“…the person down the street is going to come at you and ask you ‘why are you still playing footy with knee tendinitis?’ when their son’s got it and they’ve been told they’re not allowed to play footy for six weeks.” Joel Selwood, AFL 360, Fox Footy Channel I love alliteration. Language, and how we…read more

by James Alexander

The publication of Born to Run by Chris McDougall in 2009 led to a significant increase in the interest in barefoot running and its proposed benefits to runners.1 Initial interest was largely due to anecdotal evidence that suggested barefoot running encourages a more natural running gait, which in turn was proposed to better distribute impact…read more