Blog - Arthritis
by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

It was a pleasure to travel to Perth last weekend. It was a busy weekend, presenting at an evening seminar, the state conference and also on a GLA:D Australia course with my friends at Curtin University. As promised, my slides from the APA presentations are published below If you are interested in the running symposium…read more

by Adam Culvenor

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) can be characterised as non-traumatic or post-traumatic. Whereas, non-traumatic OA occurs without any history of acute knee injury, post-traumatic OA, as the name implies, develops following knee trauma. 1. Knee osteoarthritis often develops in adolescence and young adulthood, prior to 40 years of age: The most striking and important difference of post-traumatic…read more

by Zuzana Machotka

February’s staff publications featured research on: Patellofemoral knee pain. This included exploring contributing factors such as altered hip rate of force development and strength, foot mobility differences, and pelvic and hip kinematics in patellofemoral joint arthritis. Hamstrings. Muscle imaging techniques were explored through functional MRI and injury prevention strengthening exercises were discussed within an evidence-based…read more

by Liam West

Good life with Arthritis from Denmark: Reducing the IMPACT of osteoarthritis for Australians Prof Kay Crossley, Dr Joanne Kemp, Dr Christian Barton   Knee arthritis is one of the most common sources of pain, reduced function and loss of productivity in Australia, resulting in considerable costs to the individual, community and society. A conservative estimate…read more

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

Title says it all – great chat with Ewa Roos about evidence (or lack there of) for arthroscopy, exercise, and how Denmark is successfully changing clinical practice. Do you agree? Is there still a place for knee arthroscopy? Let us know your thoughts via popular social media channels or comment below.

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

Dr Adam Culvenor has been awarded an early career researcher NHMRC fellowship, involving funding of $408,768. His research aims to identify ways to reduce the risk of knee cap osteoarthritis (OA) following serious knee injuries. Adam will spend his first two years at the Paracelsus Medical University in Austria working Professor Eckstein who is a world leader in…read more

by Dr Christian Barton (Editor)

Osteoarthritis effects 3.9 million Australians, costing the economy $24.9 billion. $9.4 billion is lost because people can’t work. Arthritis can effect many joints in the body. The most common joints are in the spine, knee and hip. People with arthritis have pain and inflammation in affected joints which often means they can’t participate in normal recreational and work activities. Because…read more