Knowledge Translation

We have a strong focus on knowledge translation at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine, and this extends well beyond the blog you are viewing now.

Find out more about some of our key projects below, including an implementation project to improve the care of Australians with hip and knee osteoarthritis (GLA:D Australia), led by Professor Kay Crossley, Dr Christian Barton and Dr Jo Kemp. An additional e-health initiative for people with osteoarthritis is also being led by Dr Tania Pizzari and other collaborators.

Led by Dr Christian Barton, we are also working hard on numerous projects to improve online education resources for health professionals and patients, including two funded projects as part of @TREK_GROUP initiatives – exercise prescription principles (physiotherapists) and plantar heel pain (patients – Dr Matt Cotchett) – see below. There are many more similar projects underway, so watch this space ….