Knowledge Translation

We have a strong focus on knowledge translation at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine, and this extends well beyond the blog you are viewing now.

The knowledge translation research program within the centre is led by Dr Christian Barton, and includes numerous projects, from  patiient and health professional education resource development, to program implementation. Key projects include:

  • GLA:D Australia, (implementing education and exercise-therapy for osteoarthritis) led by Dr Christian Barton, Dr Jo Kemp, and Professor Kay Crossley,  
  • TREK (Translating Research Evidence and Knowledge), with current funded projects including development of a patient education website for plantar heel pain, led by Dr Matt Cotchett.; and patellofemoral pain, led by Dr Danilo de Oliveira Silva and Dr Christian Barton
  • An additional e-health initiative for people with osteoarthritis is also being led by Dr Tania Pizzari and other collaborators.