Hip - July 20, 2018

A great re-addition to the Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre- Dr Adam Semciw

After finishing his PhD in 2013 at La Trobe University titled: Hip Abductor muscle structure and function in swimmers: an investigation into deloading, Dr Semciw joined the University of Queensland as a Research Fellow in Physiotherapy (2015). There he continued his focus towards understanding hip and lower limb muscle function in health and disease and last year (2017) he was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology. He is ranked number 8 in the world and 2nd in Australia for research on ‘buttocks’ (Expertscape, May 2018); 7th in Australia for research on the ‘hip joint’ (Expertscape, June, 2018) and is ranked in the top 1% of researchers who have published in the field of ‘hip muscle function’ (Web of Science, June 2018). Dr Semciw has 31 peer reviewed journal publications (19 first /last author). Of these, 23 (67%) relate to hip muscle function or hip pathology, with 6 (20%) relating to GTPS (lateral hip pain). By means of a wide range of research designs including cross-sectional studies, randomised controlled trials (RCTs), and prospective cohort designs, his research has helped to inform the development of specific physiotherapy based interventions for managing chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Current projects

Dr Semciw and his colleagues are looking for potential PhD students to join the FORCe team. Our team have collected data on over 170 football players with hip and groin pain. If you would like to be involved with investigating bio-mechanics; outcomes; muscle function; or or structural pathology in this cohort, please contact Dr Semciw (a.semciw@latrobe.edu.au)

Dr Semciw’s current project include two RCTs investigating innovative interventions for greater trochanteric pain syndrome and hip osteoarthritis (both funded by Arthritis Australia), The GLoBE Trial, The GHoST Trial; as well as a prospective cohort study investigating risk factors for hip joint degeneration in people with femoroacetabular impingement (NHMRC funded), and  a study in hip and groin pain in football (The FORCe study.)



Volunteers required

We are undertaking research looking at the rehabilitation exercises for hip osteoarthritis (GHoST Trial). To be eligible you must be:

  • Be 35 years or over
  • Have pain in the hip or groin for more than 3 months
  • Have pain with walking, climbing stairs or getting in or out of the car
  • Have hip osteoarthritis on hip x-ray




Dr Semciw’s research interests include hip and lower limb muscle function, de-loading, and motor control. He focuses on the use of EMG and MRI for investigating muscle function and structure. For an overview of his publications, please visit his staff page.